Toxic Dollars 1.0

Toxic Dollars 1.0



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Date Added:31 January, 2014

Author: Brian Beninger

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In 2008 the financial world as we knew it went right off the rails. TOXIC DOLLARS is a unique and somewhat sardonic look at what happened as well as what is likely to happen next. A wise and very rich man from the past once said: "The time to start worrying is when the government tells you not to worry." TOXIC DOLLARS looks at debt, hyperinflation, bailouts, currencies, real estate, economics, and a host of other issues that make up the economic stew we find ourselves in today. Ask yourself, is everything going back to normal just because governments are spending trillions of dollars they don"t have? Is this a V-shaped recovery and has all the pain already happened? Or is this a W-shaped monster with a world of pain still ahead? Have the Wall Street yahoos reformed their wild and wooly ways or are they back to billions of bonuses again? Will the government run up mountains of toxic debt to buy up trillions of toxic assets and, if it does, will everybody end up with TOXIC DOLLARS?

At the very least, this app will make you think and hopefully put a smile or two on your face in these sad times.

About the author: Brian Beninger has a degree in Economics; was a Federal Government policy analyst; was the founder of a NASDAQ-listed company; and has lived long enough to remember when gold was $35 an oz!

Disclaimer: Nothing in TOXIC DOLLARS should be taken as investment advice. The opinions provided therein are strictly for information and entertainment purposes.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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